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About Alex Dorer

Alex Dorer is a 24 year old activist. Having watched The Cove during its initial release and learning about the capture practices and the dangers of captivity, she felt compelled to stand up and voice her concerns to others. Since then she has dedicated her time and energy to working towards educating others about ocean conversation. Recently Alex joined forces with Wendy Brunot to have a lone killer whale named Shouka, moved to an alternate marine park to be with other orcas. Following the news of a planned Beluga Whale import, Alex hosted a protest in Atlanta In July 2012 together with Free the Atlanta 11 and GARP which attracted significant attention to the issues behind such an initiative. Alex's love is not limited to cetaceans - she sees the beauty in all marine life. She is excited to be part of the movement that will end captivity for all marine mammals.

Kiska, the World’s Loneliest Killer Whale; a Q&A with Dr. Naomi Rose

Dr. Naomi Rose is the marine mammal scientist for the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, DC. Dr. Rose addresses marine mammal policy issues at AWI, including the protection of marine mammals in the wild and in captive situations. She has been instrumental in … Continue reading

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Fins and Fluke review Blackfish

I had the pleasure of being able to catch a one-time screening of Blackfish at the USA Film Festival in Dallas this weekend. I had high expectations for this film following many positive and amazing reviews; I was blown away and all my … Continue reading

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10 Tips To Be A Better Animal Advocate For Our Oceans!

We tend to get the same question on a daily basis, “What can I do to help?”. We have constructed this  guide  specifically for you in mind! Below are ten tips to be a better animal advocate for our oceans: … Continue reading

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Are Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labels Eco-Safe?

For many grocery shoppers a dolphin-safe label on their tuna can be a huge incentive to buy that product. Let’s face it; millions of people around the world adore dolphins. Buying a can of tuna that is advertised to the … Continue reading

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Take A Stand in Defense of Animal Welfare & Marine Park Whistleblowers

Marineland Canada is one of Ontario’s most popular tourist attractions. Until Phil Demers, a Marineland senior trainer, went public (via the Toronto Star) with how Marineland treats its animals, no one really knew about the horrific conditions in which those … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions for 2013

As a new organization we are keen to set goals for ourselves in the new year. We have decided to write a list of new years resolutions for 2013; these are all things we wish to achieve realistically. All of … Continue reading

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